Send me a postcard darling, send me a postcard

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Sep 042005

More fucked up going’s on in New Orleans, Haliburton gets 10%. Via the esteemable mr starchy.

I am ceasing to be surprised by anything that happens there from here on in, up to and including Pat Robertson and George Bush announcing on TV that Jesus Christ has arisen from mutating algae and that their plan is now complete, and Haliburton is to organise Judgement Day (towel heads, commies, faggots and poor people need not apply).

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God Has A Dream

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May 302005

Last time I was in the US, I finished reading George Orwells Down And Out In Paris And London and wandered/got sucked into (delete as applicable) Borders. While there I picked up some Satre, a book of the teachings of Buddah, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s God Has A Dream (ignore the Oprah endorsement, it actually is quite good).

I finally got around to reading it on the train through to Edinburgh today, and finished it on the way back. And goddamn it’s good. It’s positive without being unrealistically optimistic, religious without being Religious, and very easy to read (120-odd pages which I read in a little over 90 minutes in total) while still being one of the deepest and most profound texts I’ve read in a while. I’ve always admired Tutu for obvious reasons, but his love and compassion resonate in every paragraph and every sentance.

Somebody needs to buy the audio book and play it at night under Bush and Blairs pillows. And your own.

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Non, merci beaucoup

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May 302005

<nelson> ha ha </nelson>

Now, I’m staunchly pro-European (ending centurys of internicine warfare can’t be bad, right?), but I’m really glad that the French have rejected the constitution, and I hope that the Dutch vote shortly will finish it off. Not because I think having a written constitution governing the EU would be bad, but because I think ~400 pages of intense legalise is not appropriate for a constitution. I think one of the strengths of the US constiution is that it’s reasonably short, easily understood by most people and, most importantly, contains not just the mechanisms for governance, but the principles upon which that government is to operate. I’m not saying that it’s perfect, but it’s a damn sight better than what we were being offered.

I think a (much) shorter document which enshrined democratic government as the only legitimate government, which recognised that our freedom is best protected through honest, fair and equitable partnership with other free peoples, that protected our basic rights against authoritarian government and was as much about the responsibilities of a government to it’s people as it was about it’s powers over them would easily find acceptance across all member states and would thus provide the necessary framework to take The Project forward with a legitimacy and commonality of purpouse which has been sadly lacking from the (corrupt, undemocratic) state which it is in today.

Certain points would, of course, prove trickier than others, particularly the necessary elevation of the European Parliament as the supreme decision making body and the associated removal of the Council of Cronys Ministers which would probably upset some people, but it would, should, must be doable.

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The Man In Me Is The Man In Black

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May 242005

Today I nipped out to Fopp at lunch to pick up the new Alabama 3 long player Outlaw.

It’s more bluesy perhaps than Exile, and more varied and overtly danceable than La Peste.

“Hello.. I’m Johnny Cash” isn’t the best song on it either, fucking great though it is, my favourite is “Have You Seen Bruce Richard Reynolds”.

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Darwin calling…

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May 242005

Two hurt in mock light sabre duel so wrong, so dumb, on so many levels. I mean, even assuming that the whole ‘glass rod of fire’ was safely acheived, surely they realised that when they made contact Only Bad Things could happen?

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Hello Bloggers!

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May 232005

So this is my new blog! I’ll be posting crap here that I’d normally post as public in my LJ, but this is just much more zeitgeisty.

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