Going through the motions

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Oct 072015

It’s pretty exciting that Scottish Labour is now accepting conference motions that can go onto party policy for 2016, so I had a go.

I’ve never written a conference motion before, so if you have suggestions on how to improve the wording I’d be really grateful:

That conference notes with sadness the recent deaths from the “legal highs”, is concerned that people buy unregulated drugs which exposes them to unnecessary risks from both the consumption and purchase of drugs. Further, this market involves significant criminality, violence and exploitation of vulnerable people including significant levels of slavery in Scotland. Informed by evidence produced by David Nutt at the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and the Independent Scientific Comittee on Drugs and the experience of Colorado, California, British Columbia, the Netherlands and others conference proposes decriminalising production of Cannabis for personal use or for sale to state owned retailers similar to the Swedish systembolaget off licence. Conference believes this would undermine criminal networks, reduce the harm caused to society by unregulated drug use, improve safety and provide government additional revenue which could be invested in policing, harm reduction, drug education and other programs.

Obviously the 1971 misuse of drugs act is a reserved issue so this would require a section 30 order for Holyrood to achieve but given the effect this might have on the rest of the UK that seems reasonable. It’s refusal, without very good reason, would not.

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