Send me a postcard darling, send me a postcard

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Sep 042005

More fucked up going’s on in New Orleans, Haliburton gets 10%. Via the esteemable mr starchy.

I am ceasing to be surprised by anything that happens there from here on in, up to and including Pat Robertson and George Bush announcing on TV that Jesus Christ has arisen from mutating algae and that their plan is now complete, and Haliburton is to organise Judgement Day (towel heads, commies, faggots and poor people need not apply).

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Darwin calling…

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May 242005

Two hurt in mock light sabre duel so wrong, so dumb, on so many levels. I mean, even assuming that the whole ‘glass rod of fire’ was safely acheived, surely they realised that when they made contact Only Bad Things could happen?

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